Rodio Special Foundations
 Castellana, 130
 28046 Madrid
 Tel.: 915624610
 Fax: 915613013


Ever since its founding in Spain in 1936, RODIO has helped advance Geotechnology as a science.

Our constant striving to find solutions to the new challenges of civil engineering and our daily contact with the most complex obstacles related to underground works allows us to guarantee the success of any project in which we participate. RODIOis on the forefront of the study and development of advanced techniques, implementing imaginative solutions which answer the constant challenges that modern construction presents.

RODIO participates in the execution of the most important contemporary projects that are being developed in civil engineering, offering solutions, as a specialist company, to the constantly more demanding requirements of deadlines and quality in the realization of all types of underground works.

RODIO has available an organization capable of meeting the most exacting demands across the entire range of projects: subterranean parking lots, underground passages, ground improvement, terrain restoration, the environment, tunnels, construction, instrumentalization, and more, utilizing, in all cases, the latest technology.

A primary objective for RODIO is to increase the entire company´s implication and participation in everything which contributes to improving the security conditions in our projects.

RODIO, knows that the development of its activities is related to the satisfaction of its CLIENTS, and therefore considers the Quality and Environmental Considerations an in integral part of the management of the company; to that effect, it has set itself goals such as:

  • to assure that the products supplied to its CLIENTS are safe, reliable, and fulfill all applicable rules, instructions, and specifications.
  • to constantly improve its internal functioning, establishing training programs to ensure that RODIO´s personnel is highly qualified.
  • In 1998, RODIO earned the AENOR certification under the UNE-EN ISO 9001 decree, renewing it in 2001 in adherence with the revised UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000.
    Day by day, RODIO improves on classical engineering, researching and implementing new technologies; it employs a team of individuals dedicated to the proposal and follow-through of those projects which allow for the implementation of these innovations in our construction jobs.